How Much Wrapping Paper Does One Person Need?


If you're shopping in Centre MK this weekend I bet you'll see people struggling under the weight of mountains of wrapping paper because I'm sure I'm not the only one with a compulsion to buy way more than I need.

It happens every year. Out shopping with my boyfriend Simon and the question comes up: Have we got enough wrapping paper?

Of course in the back of my mind a small voice screams 'YES! We have enough to wrap most of MK's Pressies never mind ours!' And Yet I hear myself say 'Dunno. Better get some just in case.'

'Some' usually means a BOGOF deal involving reams of that curly shiney string and the sparkly rossette things you only ever put on Chrissie pressies! I seriously have enough of the stuff to start my own shop!

Actually that's not a bad idea... Wrapping paper garage sale! Problem solved!