Spider v Conker


Never say that living with a man isn't interesting. Last night I arrived home to find Simon placing Conkers in every corner of every room in the house! I asked the obvious question and he cheerfully told me 'it's to stop them getting in!' Ok then. Turns out he was talking about Spiders. It's the season and we've had our fair share of whoppers, which in our house is a huge problem as we are both seriously scared of the little monsters. According to Simon Conkers equals a spider free zone as 'they see them and think it's another spider bigger than them and run away!' What?!!! Not convinced, so when I got to work I ran it by the font of all knowledge in the office Wes and Ros! Turns out they've done a little experiment on this. Check out the link below and see for yourself! It's worth it for the hilarious commentary alone!