Weird Fashion


I like to think I'm pretty fashion savvy. I like to keep up to date with what's in, I read all the gossip mags and my boyfriend Simon 'doesn't get' most of what I wear which how I know it's fashionable; but some of this season's 'looks' have really got me stumped! For starters, what's with the shoulder pads?! Did we not get enough the first time around? In Jackets, this is fine but t-shirts....? I suppose the one really good thing is we can all stuff ourselves with biccies now because, let's face it; 'the bigger the shoulders the smaller the hips!' 80's fashion is back, big style so here I was thinking that once the weather got cold we'd all be digging out the legwarmers but it seems that the next big thing is actually KNEE warmers. Seriously! Think knitted support bandage on each leg in wacky colours! Can you imagine walking around Centre MK in a pair of those? I think I might stick to trusty old tights and now I'm off to Midsummer Place to buy myself a nice sensible jumper. Simon will be pleased! Xx