Are car washes open during lockdown in England?

6 November 2020, 15:43

Some car washes are allowed to stay open
Some car washes are allowed to stay open. Picture: Getty Images

Am I allowed to get my car washed in England during lockdown? Here’s what we know..

England went into a second national lockdown on Thursday (November, 5) in a bid to stop coronavirus cases climbing.

Under the new rules, all ‘non essential’ shops have been forced to close, as well as pubs and restaurants which cannot do takeaways or deliveries.

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Thousands of hotels, gyms and leisure centres have also been forced to shut their doors until at least December 2.

But many car owners have been wondering whether car washes are deemed ‘essential’ or whether they have also closed. Here’s everything you need to know…

Petrol station car washes can remain open
Petrol station car washes can remain open. Picture: Getty Images

Are car washes open during lockdown in England?

The Government has confirmed that car washes that are part of a petrol station will be able to remain open during the current lockdown in England.

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They were originally listed as one of the businesses that should close during the lockdown.

But chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) and Car Wash Association (CWA), Brian Madderson, fought to get the guidelines updated.

Mr Madderson later released a statement reading: “I am immensely pleased to announce that the Government confirmed with us that, in England, ‘car washes which are part of a petrol station would be able to remain open as there is no requirement for an ‘open business’ to close off parts of their business that are ‘closed’.

“This major success has come about as a result of intensive lobbying efforts on Government over the past three days by the PRA and CWA.

"While we are pleased with this outcome, the CWA will continue with its robust lobbying, as Automated Car Washes (ACW) that are not connected to a petrol station have not yet been granted an exemption to remain open."

It adds: "We are working to ensure that these ACWs are not discriminated against in this, and any potential further, lockdown.”

The regulations do not apply to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, where all car washes have been permitted to remain open.

You can read more about the new coronavirus restrictions in England on the government website here.

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