When are pubs reopening in the UK?

28 May 2020, 14:33

When can we expect pubs to reopen again?
When can we expect pubs to reopen again? Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Boris Johnson has given hope that pubs could reopen earlier than expected, but when can we expect to return to our locals?

Back in March, pubs across the UK closed as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced lockdown measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, with the peak of the virus gone, the Government are looking at how we can safely return to normal life by slowly easing lockdown measures.

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One sector many people are eager to get reopened are the pubs across the UK, especially with the weather improving.

Boris Johnson has given hope pubs could open earlier than July
Boris Johnson has given hope pubs could open earlier than July. Picture: PA

When will pubs reopen?

The Government previously stated that pubs in the UK could open in July at the earliest, as long as they follow social distancing regulations.

However, this week Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave people some hope they could reopen sooner in the year.

During the Liaison Committee on Wednesday, Boris hinted that pubs in England could reopen in June.

He said: "We may be able to do things faster than I thought", adding that ministers are tying to "go as fast as they can" to reopen the industry.

Pubs could also phase their reopening by serving drinks in an outside area in a market-style, which could push opening dates to June 1.

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