This Hairdresser Cuts The Hair Of The Homeless And It's Beautiful

Josh Coombes cutting a homeless ladies hair

The 29-year-old may be in an industry that’s inherently concerned with how you look on the outside, but Josh has other ideas.

The talented stylist understands only too well how connected our outward appearance is will our inward emotions - when we feel our best we look our best and vice versa.

For the past year he’s been travelling the streets and offering free haircuts to any homeless clients he meets.

Josh knows the power of a good trim and by providing this much needed service, he’s giving so much more than just your average salon experience.

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Carrying his hairdressing kit in his backpack, the down-to-earth do-gooder says: “This isn’t going to completely change her life right now, but it’s providing the empathy that we all should.”

The results are stunning and Josh posts his before and after pictures on his Instagram account.


This is Zack, 33 years old. Zack is such character, it's hard to explain without actually meeting him, but this guy is awesome. He has a huge heart and plays a big role in the homeless community down at Charing Cross. I've met Zack plenty of times now, but today was the first time I've given him a haircut. He grew up on London near Upton Park and fell upon hard times a long time ago. Zack didn't wanna speak to me about family but said he hasn't got anybody to rely on here anymore. He's been homeless for years but wants a fresh start and to enjoy some of the things most of us have the opportunity to each day. I want to follow Zack's story and help him along. He hadn't had his haircut properly in ages so it was great to give him a makeover, I could see he was brimming with confidence afterwards. Giving someone back there dignity, even for a short while, makes it all worth it for me - @joshuacoombes #DoSomethingForNothing

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His wonderful work is part of an campaign by Josh and friends Matt Spracklen and Dave Burt, which is using the the hashtag #DoSomethingforNothing, to encourage people to help others, any way they can.


@joshuacoombes - This is James, 25. James walked past @daveburt and I, on Leicester Square. I was in the middle of a haircut but I could see he'd stopped and was stood nearby watching. I introduced myself briefly and let him know that he was next in line for a trim if he wanted. James has a sad story. He lost his dad at the beginning of this year - 'After I lost him things got a lot worse for me.' I could feel his suffering and how hurt he is. There are some deep issues he’s fighting right now that might take some time to heal. Not being touch with the rest of his family, things spiralled for James after this and it wasn’t long before he found himself with no where to turn but the street. He tries to stay in a shelter when he can afford it but largely sleeps rough in the city, as he has for the last six months. Despite what this year has thrown at him, James smiles a lot. His personality is huge and there’s so much love there. It was great to laugh and joke together during the haircut. To see a transformation in confidence and self worth means so much to me. It’s hard to sum a person up when only spending an hour with them. But I know this - James is in his mid twenties, the years many of us will look back on as some of the best in our lives. He sleeps on the street with his dog and has to find motivation from somewhere each day to believe he can change his situation. It's not always choices that dictate your place in society. #DoSomethingForNothing

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