Work Experience Boy Took Over Southern Rail's Twitter And It's HILARIOUS

14 July 2017, 17:01 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 17:03

Eddie Southern Rail work experience

By Hollie Borland

Everyone hopes to make a good impression when they go on work experience and we're hoping Eddie is offered a job after this one...

When Southern Rail left Eddie, 15, in charge of their twitter account for his work experience they didn’t expect his witty replies to go viral.

While their twitter is usually flooded with complaints from angry commuters, after Eddie introduced himself on the site saying he was happy to answer their questions, #AskEddie began to trend. 

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Work Experience Boy Took Over Southern Rail's Twit

At one point even sky1 decided to get on the action when Eddie started talking about hit TV show Love Island, asking him "but who’s 100% your type on paper?" to which Eddie replied "Someone who grafts". 

Eddie proved to be so popular with Southern Rail's customers that people were gutted when he headed out of the office for lunch. 


But Eddie isn’t the only one to put a smile on customer’s face as we’ve found more quick-witted customer service comebacks.

When 'Badman' Bugti contacted Argos on twitter to ask when it would be "getting da ps4 tings" adding that a sales assistant was rude with "bare attitude" in their Manchester store, Argos decided to reply to the tweet with matching slang.

Argos attitude customer service

Badman was clearly impressed replying "respect. Sick guy."

We reckon we've found the key to success - it's definitely through social media banter!