Blogger causes controversy as she says parents should buy their daughter's sex toys

20 March 2019, 11:35 | Updated: 20 March 2019, 11:54

Would you buy sex toys for your teenager?
Would you buy sex toys for your teenager? Picture: GETTY

Nadia Bokody is the controversial sexpert who claims parents need to help daughters to learn abut their bodies

An Australian sex blogger is urging parents to buy vibrators for their teenage daughters, in a bid to make up for sex education classes that focus on male pleasure.

Nadia Bokody told The Mirror: "The sex education curriculum in schools really lets young people down - young women especially, because it doesn't provide any understanding around female sexual pleasure.

"While boys learn about boners and wet dreams, the focus for girls is largely on menstruation and preventing unwanted pregnancy...

"Until the school system catches up, parents really need to be doing it at home, and that starts with normalising, and encouraging, masturbation."

Nadia added that "the reality is kids are having sex, and simply burying our heads in the sand and pretending it isn't happening" won't do anything to stop that.

Her opinion is that providing your daughter with a vibrator is the best way create a shame-free environment as youngsters begin to explore their sexuality.

Throwing weight behind her argument, Nadia explained: "Masturbation is a much safer, more gentle way for a young woman to engage in sex than going out and having partnered sex before she's emotionally and mentally ready. Given the choice, wouldn't you prefer your daughter touch her own body first, before letting another person touch it?"

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Parents should be buying their daughter's sex toy, claims one sex blogger
Parents should be buying their daughter's sex toy, claims one sex blogger. Picture: GETTY