Mum shamed for daughters lunch box that has two cookies in it

2 July 2019, 15:39

One mum has come under fire for her lunchboxes
One mum has come under fire for her lunchboxes. Picture: GETY

The school has a strict policy about healthy eating.

A mother was left shocked after her daughter's teacher criticised her over including two cookies in a lunchbox.

Virginia - the child's mother - was taken aside by the class teacher while dropping her child off at the school in Sydney, Australia.

Despite usually filling her lunch boxes with balanced items like pasta, rice, quinoa, grains, veggie sticks and fresh fruit, the cookies caused quite a stir!

The teacher gave the mum a telling off for the snack choices
The teacher gave the mum a telling off for the snack choices. Picture: GETTY

The shocked mum explained: "On the first day, when my husband picked up my daughter, the teacher said nothing. She only told me the next morning.

"She said she wanted to have a word with me and make me aware of their healthy food policy and that the biscuits I had given my daughter weren't in line with policy."

Understandably, the mum was left feeling "p***ed off" that the teacher didn't say anything to the husband, instead assuming that the mother would've put together the lunchbox.

Confirming that she no longer includes cookies, Virginia explained: "I think they should have looked at the lunchbox overall, but since then I've just avoided biscuits and given my daughter healthy snacks."

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