Paddy McGuinness shares naked shower clip ahead of vasectomy surgery

25 June 2019, 17:03 | Updated: 25 June 2019, 17:17

Paddy McGuinness spoke about his decision to have a vasectomy
Paddy McGuinness spoke about his decision to have a vasectomy. Picture: Instagram / McGuinness.Paddy

The 45-year-old presenter got the snip after saying the thought of returning to "teething and Calpol" was "not worth thinking about"

Paddy McGuinness shared a clip of himself in the shower as he prepared to have a vasectomy procedure.

The TV star, 45, shares two young children with wife Christine, but Paddy has now had the snip to prevent having more children.

Paddy lathered up under the shower to tell fans about the procedure. He explained: "Being 45 and already having three kids, the thought of being thrust back into that world of dirty nappies and teething again - just as we are getting our lives back - it's just not worth thinking about."

Celeb pals including Peter Andre and Keith Lemon messaged to send their well wishes.

Paddy shared a candid shot from the hospital bed
Paddy shared a candid shot from the hospital bed. Picture: Instagram / McGuinness.Paddy

Shortly after getting home, the Take Me Out presenter updated followers from the comfort of his own bed.

Paddy told fans: "Gentlemen, if you're thinking of having a vasectomy but you're a little reluctant, as I was, then the initial anaesthetic they give you is tender, it made my eyes water a little bit... but after that, honestly, it's a doddle."

Paddy then showed fans how he was recovering with a towel full of ice on his crotch.

One fan commented: "So refreshing to hear a man be so positive. It's a shame more men don't think like you have."

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