Actors Recite Pop Songs In The Style Of Shakespeare And It's Hilarious!

#15secondsofshakespeare canvas

Actors all over the world are challenging each other over Twitter to sing pop songs in Shakespeare language. They're guaranteed to have you giggling!

A trend is emerging on the old Twittersphere where actors are filming themselves reciting song lyrics as if they were performing Shakespeare and the results are hilarious! 

Stage, film and television actors are tweeting the videos and nominating fellow thespians to do the same using #15SecondShakespeare. Renditions of Pharrell Williams' 'Happy', Sir Mix A Lot's 'Baby Got Back' and Psy's 'Gangnham Style' are circulating over Twitter in a way that you've never heard before. 

Karen Gillan, Sarah Parish and Amanda Abbington all join in the fun - you just HAVE to watch the videos which will have you cracking up. 

Mark Bonnar who played DC Mark Dryden in Line Of Duty went above and beyond with his take on Gangnham Style: 

Downton Abbey's Mr. Michael Gregson (Charles Edwards) wants to join the Vengabus!

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Doctor Who's assistant Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, pledges to walk 500 miles:

Amy Pond's husband in Doctor Who, Rory Williams (Arthur Darville) takes on the King of Pop with Black or White:  

Gorgeous Prince Caspian of Narnia (Ben Barnes) got saucy when he recited USHER's Yeah!:

She plays Doctor Watson's wife in Sherlock (and Martin Freeman's in real life) Amanda Abbington takes on Pharrell Williams' Happy:

TV favourite Sarah Parish - who's been in Merlin, Mistresses and The Holiday:

Tom Fletcher's sister Carrie, star of the West End production of Les Misérable takes on 'Baby Got Back'!

Alec Newman, Headteacher at Waterloo Road speaks The Power of Love:

Aneurin Barnard who played Bobby in Cilla recites a creepy version of Gina G's Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit:

The games even hopped across the pond to the USA! Phill Lewis, Mr Mosby in Zach and Cody recited Pitbull's Hotel Motel! 

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A member of the Royal Shakespeare Company Kim Ismay speaks a hilarious version of Who Let The Dogs Out!

Director Andy Nyman is speaking Shakespeare to Reach For The Stars!