12 Things You'll Only Remember If You're A 30-Something

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If your memory is full of tapes, perms and floppy discs you'll enjoy our trip down nostalgia street...

Born somewhere in the 1980s? A teenager in the 1990s? Here's a little trip down memory lane for you… 

The family 'encyclopedia collection'

Pretty much every household had some kind of encyclopedia collection; whether that was a pristine set of Encyclopedia Britannica or a second-hand job lot that your dad got down the market. 


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With no internet and strict library opening hours, if you couldn't find your info in one of these and your parents didn't know the answer, you were royally screwed for homework. 

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Floppy Discs were crucial to your existence

Taking homework to school or saving your essays required a floppy disc - preferably a multi-coloured selection with co-ordinating sticky labels and a little box to store them all in. 

The sound of dial up internet

Are any of your siblings on the phone? If so you're going to have to wait to dial up the internet. The all-too familiar dial up noise was so ear-piercingly annoying it makes us cringe even now!

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The joy (and misery) of tamagotchi

The stupidest mini game on earth kinda sorta felt like the greatest thing ever as a tween. That is until your carefully tended pet died of starvation during school hours. Sad times. 

The era of true supergroups 

Only people alive in the 1980s know the power of true super-groups. We're talking Bananarama, Spandau Ballet. A-Ha and Duran Duran followed by Blur, Oasis, Take That, A1, NSYNC, Another Level…THE SPICE GIRLS. Rejoice! 

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Be kind, rewind


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Kids don't know how lucky they are with On Demand…seriously. We had to rent videos, remember to take them back two days later and rewind the bloody things or else we'd get the 'video shop worker stare'. Yes, that was an actual, real thing.

You know the REAL 'Power Rangers'

Tommy, Billy, Kimberley, they were the real deal and totally on-it. The 'Power Rangers' movie remains one of the best guilty pleasures of all time. Let's hear it for Ivan Ooze. 

You witnessed Dawson's infamous 'crying face' in real time

The year 2000. 

Peak teen years. 

'Dawson's Creek' is the highlight of your young life. 

Then Dawson makes this face. 

This ugly cry face is officially the ugliest of all the cry faces. 

The End.  

Amazingly awful phones (which were once brilliant)

They may have weighed a ton and been made of cheap plastic, but three months on one charge and an almost indestructible case made these phones Ah-May-Zing. We would't mind giving Snake another go too!   

Shouting 'I'm going to play out' 

You got home from school, dumped your stuff and shouted to your mum and dad 'Can I play out' and they would say 'yes, but be back by XX time and stay on the XX roads'. Priceless childhood memories that don't seem to exist anymore. 

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Perms, perms and even bigger perms

Melanie Griffiths Working Girl 1980s hair
If Melanie Griffiths in 'Working Girl' was your hair idol (or had the exact same hair as your mum/aunty/sister) then you're most definitely in your thirties. Nothing described the decades that fashion forgot like a perm. 

Ordering your tape box

You had tapes (mostly of Take That) and you arranged them in a carefully decorated tape box with the little plastic sliders. They had to be in alphabetical order, or in order of release date. Plus, your tape box had a handle so you could carry it around like a true champion. 

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What else do you remember about the 'good old days'? Answers on a postcard, whoops, we mean comment box below...