American Woman Thinks Britain’s Better Than The USA And THIS Is Why

Britain vs America

If you're not a fan of Blighty at the moment then its no surprise after quite the year, but hopefully this list of things we do WAAAY better than the US will make you shout 'rule Brittania!'

A thread on Q and A site Quora has asked users to give their opinion on what the British do better than the Americans.

It can sometimes seem that the HUGE country that is the United States of America feel like they do things bigger and better, so its a nice boost to our British ego to see that we have some pretty cool parts about us too.

Well we always knew we were cool, we were just waiting for the rest of the world to realise...

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Over 400 people have left their thoughts which often included Harry Potter or The Beatles but some of the wittiest answers come from American user Ivy Lee. 

Here are some of our favourite reasons why we are waaaaaaay better than the US...

Why Brits are better than Americans

Ivy we can't help but agree with you on ALL of those points!

And theres plenty more where that came from on the full thread on Quora. 

But now lets give our lovely British selves a pat on the back.

Long live the Queen, afternoon tea, full English breakfasts, the Bake Off and Harry Potter.