An Asteroid Is Due To Zoom Past Earth A Bit Too Close For Comfort Tonight!

Asteroid due to pass Earth very closely

The asteroid is due to pass us tonight in what has been labeled 'the fourth close shave of the year'.

Space scientists have spotted an asteroid that is due to pass Earth this evening.

The Asteroid, which has been given the catchy name Asteroid 2017 BS32, will zoom only 161,280km from our planet.

This may seem a long way away from us but it has been labeled as 'potentially hazardous' by stargazers. 

The rock is 82ft in size and belongs to a group of Asteroids called Aten of which several other Asteroids in the group have also been labelled 'hazardous'.

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And whats even crazier is that we've only just begun February and this is the FOURTH near Earth Asteroid to pass us this year already.

But don't worry too much as apparently these close encounters are more common than we realise and NASA has it's eyes on the skies to keep tabs of any stray space rocks that might provoke alarm.

So don't worry, NASA have assured that any rogue Asteroids are unlikely to hit Earth anytime soon and they're the experts!