Is Your Name Still Popular Or Is It Dying Out?

Baby Names Dying Out

Is your name still popular or is it dying out? Find out here...

In a world where naming your baby after a character from 'Game Of Thrones' or an Instagram filter is normal, it's no surprise that traditional names are dropping off the popular baby names list. 

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Now, this infographic by Statista shows which names have fallen furthest from the top 100 in England and Wales since 1996 – just 19 years ago.

While names like Oliver, Harry, Olivia and Amelia are hot right now, bad news if your named Kirsty or Ross...

But there are some names that seem to have stood the test of time. For girls it’s Sophie, Jessica and Emily, while for the boys they are Jack, Thomas and James – these names have never dropped from the top ten.

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We say bring back the name Ross in 2016!!!