Brits Hit Back At US Newspaper Who Claimed UK Is 'Left Reeling' After Terror Attack In The Most British Way

5 June 2017, 12:32 | Updated: 5 June 2017, 17:16

Brits Hit Back At US Newspaper Who Claimed UK Is '

By Hollie Borland

When the New York Times described the UK as 'reeling' from the Manchester terror attack, Brits took to twitter to tell the US media they were wrong - in the most British way possible.

In light of the London Bridge terror attack over the weekend, the New York Times ran a story which described the British public as 'still reeling' from the explosion in Manchester just over two weeks ago. 

However, Brits weren't happy with their choice of words and hit back in the most British was possible. 

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Taking to Twitter, Brits told The New York Times what really made them 'reel' using the hashtag #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling and the results really are quite amusing. 

In a world where the news looks pretty dark at the moment, hopefully these tweets will make you realise that the majority of people have all got each other's backs. 

Also, they'll make you chuckle. 

Kicking off with Harry Potter author JK Rowling giving the intelligent response: 

And these tweeters highlighted the fact that these sorts of attacks haven't beaten us yet: 

However, Cassie pointed out the chocolatey drama of the shrinking Quality Street box: 

Remember the time that bloke from 'Come Dine With Me' threw a strop when he didn't win?

And then there are the heathens that do this: 

That public transport drama too: 

And when the toaster just isn't up to scratch:  

See, the great British humour will always prevail. Always.