Run Out Of Loo Roll? Press THIS Button On The Lavvy And It'll Be There In No Time!

Amazon Dash Button

Is this the best invention in history or does it herald the beginning of the end? The future of shopping or the worst POSSIBLE thing to happen to our wallets, like ever?!

Everyone wants to shop without lifting a finger right? Well, now you can.

Oh alright, you caught us out, you do have to lift a finger...but just the one, we promise.

Introducing - the Amazon Dash Button

Yes Amazon customers in the UK can now replenish their store cupboard at the touch of a button - literally.

Yes you can now buy ANYTHING at the touch of a button - dangerous or revolutionary?!

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So how does it work?

Well picture it this way, next time you run out of bog roll - you can order more and it will arrive STRAIGHT to your front door within 24 hours.

Now THAT'S speedy service.

Amazon Dash Button

You buy the button and set it up with the Amazon shopping app. Simple so far right?

Next you choose the product you want and your delivery preferences - so now, whenever you push the button it will place an order via the app.

Nifty right?

(We mean just IMAGINE if they made one for our wine rack!)

Amazon Dash Button

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But what if my little one accidentally gets hold of it and goes on a mad button pressing spree?!

Aha! Don't worry - the e-commerce giant is one step ahead and have created a setting so that no more than one order can be made for the same product within 24 hours.

So does this mean we're now at an all time low in terms of being bothered to ever leave the house again, or is it the ultimate time saving DREAM TOY? You decide.