Can You Spot The Dog? Stealthy Pet Finds Sneaky Way To Hide In Owner's Bed.

Ninja dog hiding in bed

Most pet owners will understand the struggle of keeping your bed to yourself - without your pet in it. However one sneaky puppy has found away to get around it.

A sneaky canine found a hilarious way to sleep in his owner's bed - by making him think he's not in it at all! 

Imgur user  was searching high and low for her black Pomeranian, and she was left stunned to find her dog trying to camouflage itself against her bedhead.  

Seeing the funny side of the prank pulled by the pooch, she took to Imagur to share the snap of her dog with the caption: "She thinks if she sits really still, I won’t see her."

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To be fair, her dog's camouflage capabilities had quite a few people stumped, and the picture swiftly went viral as people tried to figure out where the dog was hiding.

Some users explained they had to stare really hard, others had to turn up the brightness on their PC's whilst others were looking for a grey cat!

"Had to turn the brightness on my phone all the way up. In related news, I am now blind." wrote one user.

Another wrote: "I was looking everywhere and did not see her until I suddenly made eye contact. Your dog is smart."

Of course, the internet have branded the pet as "Ninja Dog!" We couldn't agree more! 


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