This Coffee Shop Is Reminding Customers About Manners In The Most Genius Way!

Coffee Shop Sign

Sometimes a simple 'please' and 'thank you' can get you a long way.

Its simple, if everyone was more polite the world would be a much better place. In fact, we bet if you asked most people what their biggest peeve would be it's probably bad manners. 

Staff at an independent coffee shop seem to be growing tired off rude customers and have thought up an ingenious plan to get caffeine seekers to act appropriately. 

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The signs reads:

"Small coffee $5"

"Small coffee, please $3" 

"Hello, one small coffee please $ 1.75" 

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Basically, if you're rude they are going to up charge you on your cup of ja, and if you're sweet and polite you'll get a coffee that's as cheap as chips!


The picture of their sign may have racked up over one million views on Imgur but it has left some people with mixed opinions.

While some thought it was a fab idea, others were actually saddened by the fact people needed to be reminded to say please.

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One noted: "It’s pretty sad that we have to offer monetary incentives to get people to use common courtesy and manners."

Meanwhile, the picture left others speculating just how polite you would have to be to get your morning coffee for free!

One user commented: "Hello, may I have one small coffee pretty please, with a cherry on top? FREE COFFEE."

We'll make sure we're sugar sweet next time we order that mocha latte!