The 10 Highest Paying Jobs For People Without A Degree

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No one is devaluing higher education but it turns out there are actually many well-paying jobs which don’t actually require any sort of degree...

No degree? No problem. According to job search website, Adzuna, people without a university degree can find themselves in well-paying jobs.

See the top ten highest paying jobs for people without a degree below...

1. Equities Trader

Unsurprisingly, Equities trader positions offer the highest paying salary to those without a degree.

2. Mining Construction

Mining construction pays extremely well, with an average annual income of £56,260.

3. Commodities Trader

Commodities traders are third on the list of well-paying jobs without a degree, with an average annual income of £53,003. 

4. Oil Rig Worker

Earn £49,278 a year as an offshore oil-platform worker.

5. Nuclear Energy Worker

Nuclear energy workers are earning an average of £44,494.

6. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers can earn up to £41,011.

7. HR Manager

An HR manager earn an average pay packet of £38,677 a year.

8. Hazardous-Waste Manager

Hazardous-waste managers can earn up to £36,684 a year.

9. Military Security

Military security earn an average wage of £35,144.

10. Journalist

The lowest on the top ten highest paying degree-not-needed jobs is Journalism – which offers an average income of £30,998.