Never Slip On Ice Again Thanks To This Top Tip From Doctors!

Bambi on ice

By Alice Westoby

German trauma surgeons have advised the best way to avoid slipping on ice and we didn't expect this!

Its the time of year when walking to work or to the shops can be a bit of an obstacle course with paths freezing up everywhere.

But German trauma surgeons have recently advised the public how we can avoid slipping on icy patches of pavement, but it's a very unexpected solution. 


Walk like a penguin!

In an advisory published on the German Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery website, apparently walking like our beaked friends will really help in the freezing temperatures ahead.

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The theory is that penguins lean their torsos forward so their centre of gravity is on their forward leg. 

When your body weight is split evenly across both legs while you walk, it increases age risk of losing your balance so by leaning forward it reduces the risk of slipping.


So channel your inner Pingu and you can waddle to work without a care in the world!