These Identical Strangers Are Real Life Doppelgängers!


No, you haven't had a bit too much to drink but you are seeing double. You won't believe that these identical strangers aren't related...

Picture this: You're queuing up to board a plane. You file in behind other travellers, patiently waiting to get to your seat. Briefly scanning the row numbers and seat letters you find your seat only to find in the space next to it is... you. 

That's what happened to Neil Douglas who met his doppelgänger, Robert Sterling on the same flight to Galway. And to top off the weirdness, after the flight the pair went their separate ways... only to find out that they were booked in to the same hotel! 

They posted a photo to Twitter - the likeliness is uncanny.

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It turns out that this sort of thing isn't as rare as you might think. has been specifically set up for people to find other people that look just like them! Here are some of the success stories so far: