Take A Selfie, Tweet me and Swipe Right! Love Heart Sweets Get A Modern Makeover

26 November 2014, 12:56 | Updated: 27 November 2014, 11:09

Take a selfie, think pink, tweet me and Skype me are just some of the new modern messaging being introduced after consultation with the fans who put forward thousands of suggestions to keep the traditional Love Heart sweets bang on trend. Others to make the edit list are 'Totes Hilar' - short for 'totally hilarious' and YOLO which means 'you only live once'.

To celebrate 60 years of the sugary treats, confectioners Swizzels have asked their customers and fans to come up with a new message for Love Hearts.

'Twitter Me', 'Swipe Right' (a reference to dating app Tinder), 'Take A Selfie', 'Totes Hilar' (totally hilarious), the Geordie saying 'Alreet Pet', and 'Yolo' (you only live once) are just six of the 14 new messages suggested by fans.

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Swizzels ran a competition to find the best messages to print on their Love Hearts and the winners will head to Derbyshire, where the company's factory is based, to see their favourite sweets being made.


LoveHearts New Generation

LoveHearts New Generation


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