There's A Man Dressed As A Gorilla Who Is STILL Doing The London Marathon

25 April 2017, 15:26 | Updated: 25 April 2017, 15:28

There's A Man Dressed As A Gorilla Who Is STILL Do

By Hollie Borland

There's a man who goes by the name of Mr Gorilla who is still running the London Marathon, despite the event finishing on Sunday.

Usually, running a marathon takes between four and six hours, depending on how fit the runner is. Anything longer is usually for those who prefer to walk the 26.2 miles.

But never has a man dressed as a gorilla spent literally days completing the marathon. That's because he's crawling it. 

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Mr Gorilla - as he calls himself on Twitter - is still doing the London marathon, despite the event finishing over 48 hours ago. He's currently crawling mile 11.

Mr Gorilla rather bizarrely decided to take on the entire 26.2 miles dressed as an ape on all fours, just like a silverback gorilla "because it's not been done yet and Gorillas need our help."

So he strapped on the kneepads and off her went over the starting line at 9am on Sunday April 23rd 2017.

He's raising money for The Gorilla Organisation and has so far made £1,086.20 – which is 62% of his target. 

He still has a long way to go in terms of the money and the distance.

His team mate 'Itchie Richie (back-up baboon)' has been tracking his progress on social media, where hundreds of people have shared their support.

As he passed the 10 mile mark in Rotherhithe, Itchie wrote: "Why did the gorilla cross the road? To get his Beatle on at Mile 10." 

People who have seen him around the city have begun to donate to his cause. 

Explaining his preparation before the race, Mr Gorilla said: "I have practiced crawling at least twice now. 

"It was most unpleasant I can tell you.

"26.2 miles of crawling is going to be absolute purgatory, but, in for a penny and all that.

"Talking of pennies. Where are yours? Come on, cough up a few for the Gorilla Organisation!"

If you'd like to donate to Mr Gorilla's cause, you can find his page here.