Meet Pooky... The Cutest Kitten On Instagram!

Pooky The Munchkin Kitten 2

After a long day, we all something light-hearted to lift our mood.

That's where Pooky the Munchkin comes in! She's been sending the internet into meltdown with her cute Instagram videos (although we think she may have a human helping her with her uploads) and we just can't get enough.

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The 11 month old kitten loves a good belly rub and will "purr at everything" according to her profile.

Pooky The Munchkin Kitten 1

Her cuteness is definitely catching too, with over 140,000 followers. For a cat, that's pretty good going!

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So whilst you snuggle up warm and dream of owning a kitten as cute as Pooky, have a browse of her Instagram and let you everyday troubles float away.


Being this cute can be overwhelming sometimes

A post shared by Pooky the Munchkin (@littlemunchiepooky) onFeb 23, 2017 at 7:19am PST

We just want to take her home and cuddle her!