This Mum Owns Her Family WhatsApp Group With One Killer Sentence

Mum's What'App Tweet

She's the sassiest women on the planet...and we LOVE it!

When Dave McGinn bought his mum a Smartphone for her birthday... he had no idea the mayhem he was about to unleash. 

However, when the Irishman added his mum to the family WhatsApp group, he soon discovered that she was a force to be reckoned with. 

Far from starting the conversation with pleasantries, super mum dives straight in with a serious put down! 

Looks like she's got a feel for things pretty quickly! 

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The sassy comment drew much praise on Twitter:

Some suggested the tech wizard try other means of Social Media too:

Other Twitter users also got involved to share their stories of their own family WhatsApp groups:

With one user even suggesting she gets her own show:

We think it's safe to say, she owned this. One in the bag for mum's everywhere!