No One Understands Why One Twin Was Born First But The Other Is OLDER

Newborn Twin Riddle

By Rume Ugen

New parents have the internet scratching their heads with the riddle surrounding the birth of their twins.

When it comes to twins it's pretty simple, the twin born first is regarded as the older twin despite sharing the same birthday. 

Well, a health centre in America has everyone confused after sharing a riddle surrounding the birth of newborn twins. 

In the caption they posted their "riddle of the day", which was: "Samuel was born first, but his twin brother Ronan is older. How is that possible?"

Huh? How can that be? 

Surely there is no logical explanation as to why a twin born after the first one, would be regarded as the eldest twin.

It just doesn't make sense! 

Well, actually this tricky riddle does have an answer.

Samuel was born at 1.39am. on Sunday, November 6 and by the time Ronan was born 31 minutes later, Daylight Savings Time had ended for the year and the time fell back by an hour, making Ronan’s official time of birth 1.10am!

Meaning, technically he's older.

Dad to the newborns Seth, claims he had a sneaky suspicion Daylight Savings Time would come into play, while their nurse claims it's the first time she's seen something of this nature in over 40 years of working in midwifery.