Pokemon Go Is Overtaking Tinder And Twitter! 5 Things You Need To Know

Pokemon Go logo

The crazy 90s card game and TV series is back in a BIG way and it's got adults running around staring at their phones chasing fictional animals. Errmm, what?

We can hardly believe we're saying this, but Pokemon Go is on track to beat Tinder and even Twitter in terms of app downloads. What? 

Pokemon Go was installed on more phones than Tinder in just one day of its release in the US, Australia and New Zealand. 

Around 60% of those who've downloaded the app are using it everyday for around 43 minutes, which is longer than the average Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Messenger averages. Wow. 

Predictably, the wonderful world of the internet is having an incredible time...


The last time we thought about Pokemon it was 1996, and Ant and Dec were dressing up as Misty and Gary on 'SMTV Live'. LOOK, we have the evidence to prove it...

So, how has Pokemon suddenly become an internet and mobile phenomenon? With the UK release just weeks away and excitement at fever pitch, here are five things you need to know...

1. It has led gamers into some sticky situations

The game creates a virtual overlay across the real world, using your phone screen. That means that to find Pokemon, you actually have to leave your home while staring intently at your phone screen. Just don't forget to keep your eyes on the road!

2. More people are now talking about Pokemon than ever before

Google Trends data shows that more people are searching for the word Pokemon than at any other time - despite it being a 20-year-old gaming franchise. On Android Pokemon GO is about to clock up more daily active users than Twitter.

3. It's distracting people from their work

Because of the competitive nature of the game (once someone nabs a Pokemon, another player can't have it), people have been told off for using it in the workplace and generally getting into arguments. 

4. It can lead to some unexpected visitors

Real-world GPS locations are now in-game Pokemon gyms, where gamers must travel to to battle the Pokemon they've captured and trained. One man who lives in an old church said he had counted 15 people stopping by and "lingering with their phones" - because his location was now a Pokemon gym. Can you imagine if that was your house!

5. It is encouraging a 90s comeback...and we don't know what to think!

Crop tops in the shops, Pokemon on phones! We're not sure how much more of this 90s revival our poor nerves can take.

Will you be chasing Pokemon around your local park? Let us know...