The Name On This Starbucks Cup Has The Internet Creeping Out.

Starbuck weird name

The moniker on this personalised cup at the popular coffee chain isn't what it seems...

We've all been to Starbucks, ordered a Latte and seen an annoying misspelling when it comes to the personal touch added on the coffee cup.

Well, what if the name appeared to be one thing, and when you looked again it had changed to something else?

Something really eerie has happened at Starbucks and it's got us questioning whether a weird coffee spirit has been trying to mess around with this person's order.

A customer named Anne was surprised to find that although the banister had spelt her name right, the moniker written on her cup also appeared to read the name "Julia."

Obviously the picture of the mysterious cup went viral, with everyone attempting to figure out how this is possible!

This has to be the ultimate Starbuck optical illusion!

A similiar situation also divided the internet back in July last year, when the Twittersphere tried to decipher whether this cup was intended for a customer named Corey or a guy named Greg.

Who knows? It's all a mystery right now!