You Might Soon Be Storing Your Driving Licence In The Most Unexpected Place

Smartphone with driving license

It's a digital revolution and nothing's sacred!

It's a new age and you better be ready to get on board, because by the looks of things we're all going to be expected to be technology super whizzes by the time the year is out. 

The latest harebrained idea from the powers that be is to get us all storing our driving licenses on our smartphones. 

Alright,l we guess it kinda makes sense seeing as we have our phones practically glued to our hands already, but it still sounds a little intimidating to us!

Chief executive of the Drive and Vehicle Licensing Agency Oliver Morley Tweeted a new prototype of what the phone version could potentially look like. 

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With no set timeframe for the updated 'pass' yet however, so until then we can still cruz around without a care in the world. As you were team.