Rara, Titus And Quail: Tatler Reveal The Poshest Baby Names For 2017

Poshest baby names 2017

By Hollie Borland

If you're looking to expand your family in 2017 or you're already expecting a baby then you're probably already taking on the almost impossible task of choosing the perfect name for your baby.

"What's in a name?" you may be asking. Everything, obviously! The name you give your little human will be with them for the rest of their lives, so it had better be a good one. 

So how about Figgy or Hum for a girl? Or Quail or Wigbert for a boy? Yep, we can pretty much hear your brains going in to overdrive. 

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Forget the names that celebrities call their kids. Forget Brooklyn, Apple or North. In fact, if you're thinking posh, forget Rupert or Cecil because Tatler annual list has taken the posh name game to new heights. 

Now, of course we're not saying that posh names are a bad thing but some of these names are quite a mouthful!

If you want your child's name to stand out on the school register then how about Czar-Czar? Or Npeter (of course the 'n' is silent)?

If you're looking for some of the poshest inspiration, Tatler have the perfect solution for you. Check out the full list below. 


  • Alfreda 

  • Blanche

  • Czar-Czar

  • Debonaire

  • Estonia

  • Figgy

  • Gethsemane

  • Hum

  • Idabelle

  • Jori

  • Koala

  • Lark

  • Monaveen

  • Nancy

  • Opal

  • Power

  • Queenie

  • Rara

  • Scar

  • Tansy

  • Una

  • Vervain

  • Wendy

  • Xanthe

  • Yellow

  • Zenia



  • Aubyn

  • Barclay

  • Cassar

  • David 

  • Euripides

  • Fenston

  • Gustav

  • Hickman

  • Innsburck

  • John 

  • Kenneth

  • Ludlow 

  • Mao

  • Npeter (the 'N' is silent)

  • Ormerod

  • Prince

  • Quail

  • Ra

  • Stourton

  • Titus

  • Uxorious

  • Victory

  • Wigbert

  • Xman

  • Yak

  • Zebedee

The magazine insists that these names "are the real deal" and that anyone who suggests otherwise cannot be trusted. 

Last year the UK’s most popular baby names for girls included Amelia, Olivia and Isla while Oliver topped the list for boys.