These 5 Tricky Riddles Are Leaving People Baffled

Riddle Large

The latest fiendish riddles to go viral online have left a lot of people scratching their heads. Can you figure them out?

We all love a good riddle, a seemingly impossible question with a beautifully simple answer that leaves you slapping your head shouting “of course!” Or maybe we’re the only ones who that get that invested in them.

Anyway! The website Propensity for Curiosity has been concocting some brilliantly tricky head scratchers recently.

Read our five favourite riddles below and see if you can figure them out (without looking at the answers at the end!)


Propensity for Curiosity Riddle 1



Propensity for Curiosity Riddle 2

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Propensity for Curiosity Riddle 3



Propensity for Curiosity Riddle 4



Propensity for Curiosity Riddle 5

Are you still with us? Steam pouring out of your eyes and eyes crossed? Good, check your guesses with the answers below!


Riddle 1: Short - Add 'er' and it becomes 'shorter'

Riddle 2: Window!

Riddle 3: Counterfeit money

Riddle 4: A stamp

Riddle 5: L8 - All of the numbers count down from 91 when turned upside. This one seems extra hard!

Don't feel too bad if you didn't get many (or any!) of them. These really are some of the trickiest ones we've come across. See if your friends can do any better.