These Are The Apps That Are DRAINING Your Phone Battery

phone battery life dead

These days it mobile phones can do SO much, from helping you stay in the loop on social media to finding your favourite Pokemon in the streets around you. But it all comes at a cost - your battery life. 

If you're having trouble keeping your phone charged then maybe cut back on the use of these apps. Because they are constantly fishing for data, they are keeping your phone constantly in use therefore draining the battery. 

I know we don't want to hear it, but these are the apps you should be using less if you want longer battery life. 

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1. Facebook

We know that it's important that you keep your 'friends' up to date with the latest in your life but it comes at a price; the price of battery life. Cut back on using this app and you'll thank us later.

2. Google Maps

While it is arguably the most important app on your phone, it is also one of the most battery-draining apps. Maybe only use it when absolutely necessary to see a longer last battery life. Like when you're actually lost. For everything else, there's always a print out version...

3.Facebook Messenger

Because one Facebook app just isn't enough. Try to reduce using this app if you can. Even better still, turn off push notifications for the app and you'll see a difference. 

4. Instagram

Whilst it is important to let your followers know that you're eating avocado on rye-bread for lunch, maybe hold back on the amount of times you check the app to see how many likes you're getting. It's way more satisfying to see the notifications that way anyway. 

5. Blackberry Messenger

Whooooooo?! This is a shocker on the list, we didn't see this one coming because we're not sure that it was even still going! But if you are partial to a bit of Blackberry Messenger cut back because it's rinsing your battery!

6. ChatOn

Again, keeping in the loop with your friends on group chats is draining your battery life. 

7. Kik

We cannot stress this enough: group chats kills battery lives. 

8. Whatsapp

See the above. And the above before that. And the above before that. And the below for that matter.

9. WeChat

The moral is, we are all needy for company and chat services provide us with this when we're on the go. But seriously, hello! Battery life...

10. The Weather Channel

This shows a sign of the times doesn't it? Instead of looking out the window, we're spending most of our day looking at the forecast for the latest on the weather. 

Notice how nine out of 10 of these apps are social networking apps? Hmm gives us food for thought. 

The list was published in AVG's Android App Performance and Trend Report. 

*The battery guzzling app Pokemon Go doesn't feature on this list because data was collected between January and April this year but it is definitely one to cut back on too.