Imagine A Shopping Trip With No Parking Dramas? It Might Be Just Around The Corner…

professor solved car parking conundrum

There's nothing worse than aimlessly driving round a car park on the hunt for a space, but this professor might have found the perfect formula...

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE shopping, but the hell of trying to find a car parking space can often put us off a splurge.

However, one cunning Professor has revealed the perfect mathematics behind what makes a pain free car park...

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In an article for The Conversation, mathematics professor at the University of Salford, David Percy, explains the sums behind the theory:

With a rectangular layout, you need to change your direction of travel by 90 degrees, which requires a substantial lane width to accommodate your turning circle,’ Percy wrote.

‘But for a diagonal layout, the bays on both sides are inclined towards you. These require less course adjustment and the access lane can be narrower, so we can fit more parking bays into the same space.' 

'For a large car park, a 45 degree bay angle leads to an efficiency saving of 23%'

what maths can teach us about car parks

Diagonal spaces? If you say so David!

Can someone please let every shopping centre in the UK know this crucial info - we need to go shopping!