Are You In The 1% Who Have This Extra Ear Hole? Here's What It Means...

A woman with a Preauricular Sinus

By Holly Fishwick

You may not have come across it before, but this semi-rare condition is actually totally normal!

In the UK one in 100 people are born with a teeny tiny hole right above their ear.

They are totally safe...and dare we say it, really rather cute. 

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They even have a special name: 'Preauricular Sinus' and look a little like small ear dents. 

Although they're pretty rare in Great Britain, they are actually much more common elsewhere and there's even amazing folklore tales surrounding them, such as the belief that they can help bring luck and wealth! 

However, so little is known about these dents, that even those of us who have them, sometimes aren't sure what they are! 

Whilst some people are always going to take the mickey...