Twitter Got Nostalgic About The World Before The Internet And It's Genius!

Before the internet

It's hard to imagine a world without the internet!

You wouldn't be able to picture it now, but there was a time where the internet DIDN'T rule everything around us.

For those born in the 90's they've never known the world without it! But 80's babies and older will remember what some might call the 'good old days'.

Back when every exciting moment wasn't Snapchatted and all your holiday pics didn't end up on Facebook but in a photo album instead.

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Thanks to the magical power of Twitter, the hashtag #BeforeTheInternetExisted had the web reminiscing about a time before the internet...ironically!

What did we all even do at work all day?

People used to have to leave the house for stuff...

Certain celebs might not even be famous without it!

Before the internet, words had different meanings...

No running errands in your PJ's...

And most importantly!

Sad but true. We LOVE the internet, but we're all guilty of smart phone overkill...oops!