Watch: Hungry Seal Gatecrashes Seafood Restaurant Searching For Lunch

Seal crosses the road everyday to go to his favourite seafood restaurant


Mealtimes are a serious business and this cheeky sea creature is making sure he isn't missing out!

We all get stomach rumbles around lunchtime and it seems that Sammy the Seal, as he's affectionately been nicknamed, is no different! 

Everyday the blubbery mammal hurls himself up and out of the sea at Howth harbour in Dublin, Ireland and heads for The Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant across the road.

Hungry seal crossing the road

The affectionate fellow has to be shooed away by one of the staff members unless he upsets the customers, but that doesn't stop them slipping him a fishy treat for his pains...

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Hungry seal in water

Not content with his fishy dinner however, Sammy's soon poking his head back out of the water to see what's going on.

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We're willing to bet he'll be back for more tomorrow!