Wayne Rooney Tries To Say 'Thank You' In Chinese And It's A Little Bit Awkward

Wayne Rooney Chantilly

He's not exactly known for his skills as a linguist. Well, we can't blame him for trying...

He's known for his skills on the pitch. He's not exactly known for his linguistic talents. 

However, the England team captain challenged that stereotype whilst on a pre-season tour in China with Manchester United. Well, sort of. 

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At the end of a press call to announce that Gulf Oil will be another of the club's partners, Wayne took to the stage with teammates Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Ander Herrera to say thank you in Chinese. 

As well as making us cringe a little, Wayne also told the conference that his favourite Chinese dish was foo yung. 

Oosh. Anyone else feeling a little uncomfortable?