Toilet Troubles! One Naughty Toddler Ruins This Romantic Wedding Moment

"I need to poo" - One thing you don't want to hear during your wedding ceremony.


You're just about to say the most romantic vows of your life, when suddenly a naughty toddler decides they need the loo! That's exactly what happened to this unlucky bride and she captured the whole moment on video!

Hannah Lienert-Forrest was just about to read her vows to her almost-husband, when one of the younger guests at her wedding strolled up to the alter to interrupt. Yikes!

We don't know what's worse, a disgruntled ex interrupting at the 'does anyone have just cause why these two should not be wed' moment or a toddler declaring they need a poo in the middle of your wedding…

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Luckily, Hannah and her husband Ben managed to laugh off the child's toilet declaration, but we don't think we'd have been very chuffed with the whole situation. The little boys parents must have been BEYOND mortified! 

The bride later wrote on YouTube: ‘Children and weddings don’t always mix, but they sure know how to make them memorable.’ 

If you're getting married soon perhaps it's best to think twice before creating the 'children's table'...

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