BREATHTAKING views of Mars Transforming From Wet To Dry Planet Over Billions Of Years

Mars Evolution from Wet to Dry for Planetariums


This astonishing clip shows Mars' awesome transition over 4.5 billions years from a planet with an abundance of water to one which is a parched desert.

The science community believe that planet Mars was at one point a watery one, with valleys and deltas. 

They came to this theory because of the scientific discovery of minerals that can only be formed in the presence of liquid water.

This video, created by Lunar and Planetary Institute, NASA's Maven mission, and USRA (Universities Space Research Association) shows this astonishing evolution happening over billions of years.


Mars: The Red (Dry) Planet 

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NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution spacecraft, called MAVEN, is currently orbiting the Planet studying its atmosphere and they've discovered that once the planet cooled and lost its global magnetic field, it turned into the cold and dry tundra we see today. 

The MAVEN project's aim is, to determine how much of Mars’ dense atmosphere and water have been lost to space, the likelihood being that it was caused by solar wind and storms, and how these processes have changed the climate on the Red Planet over its history.