It's True! Your Name Can TRANSFORM How You Look And Act

What your name says about you face shape

It turns out our faces CHANGE depending on our names, allowing strangers to guess what we might be called! WEIRD but true...

New scientific research has found that we subconsciously act like our names and the stereotypes associated with them. 

Apparently, our names can even affect how we act!

Experts have found that matching names to faces is easy because we all naturally alter our appearances to fit with society's expectations of names.

We know it sounds mad, but stick with us!

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Researchers showed photographs of faces to hundreds of student volunteers in France and Israel, and asked them to select a name from a choice of four or five. Every single time, participants defied the laws of chance and guessed correctly what the individuals name was based on their face alone.

Creepy, right!

According to scientists, these findings show that “facial appearance represents social expectations of how a person with a particular name should look".

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Dr Ruth Mayo continues: "In this way, a social tag may influence one’s facial appearance. We are subject to social structuring from the minute we are born, not only by gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status but by the simple choice others make in giving us our name."

For example, people are more likely to imagine someone with the name 'Bob' as having a round face and a jolly personality, compared to someone named Tim, who is likely to be thinner and more reserved. 

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Because of this, scientists now think that, over many years, your name can affect your appearance.

To test their theory, the scientists trained a computer to match faces to names… and it was right 54-64% of the time!

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When it comes to women’s names, 'Marys' are seen to be more moral, while 'Katherines' are thought to be more serious and dependable, which, overtime, is thought to show on our faces. 

Lead scientist Dr Yonat Zwebnerof the Hebrew University of Jerusalem says: "The process may be of a direct nature such as the expectation of a specific look for a specific name and/or occur via the mediation effect of a name on personality. One way or the other, our facial features may change over the years to eventually represent the expectations of how we should look."

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Isn’t that amazing! Do you think your name matches your face?

Let us know below…