You Can Now DELETE Personal Data From Google!


Have you ever noticed how when after you've been online shopping, an advert for the clothes you were looking at will appear in your Facebook timeline? Do you wonder how that happens?

It's because Google stores a history of every single thing you search, the websites you have visited and what YouTube videos you watch too. This means that the information you put in to Google can generate adverts targeted to your needs on other websites, such as Facebook. Google knows A LOT about you. Creepy, huh?

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Google 'My Account' pullout box Heart

However, things might be about to change if you do this hack. Google have announced that they will be launching a new feature that will let users delete some of the information the search engine collects about you. 

The new 'My Activity' feature will let users see their online history in one place, rather than having to look up your search history on individual devices. 

With the new feature, it means that when you delete some history from your computer, it will automatically be removed from your phone and tablet too. 

The feature will be rolled out next week.

Unfortunately, Google is yet to come up with a feature that let's us delete items that come up when we search our own names...