Meghan Markle could lose her American accent once she becomes a royal

28 March 2018, 08:14 | Updated: 28 March 2018, 08:21

Meghan Markle

It's believed the former Suits actress is undergoing elocution lessons to sound more British ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry.

Royal insiders have revealed Prince Harry's fiance, Meghan, 36,  is on a "crash course" with a trusted coach to whip her into shape before the royal wedding on May 19.

The much-needed princess training will see the actress attempt to ditch her American accent and favour english terms. 

"Meghan is on a crash course with a trusted coach used by the royals," a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight.
"First on the list is silver service - she must be able to tell a fish knife from her butter knife, know how to handle seafood, drink soup and so on.
"There'll be no stone unturned as in less than 12 weeks all eyes will be on her - there is no room for error.
"Elocution lessons will also feature. Meghan's American twang will be softened and toned down. But more essential is her switching to British terminology - she simply cannot be 'taking out the trash' and 'wearing pants'."

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It's not the only coaching Meghan has been receiving either, as it's claimed she's also been getting royal advice from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
The pair, who are set to become sister-in-laws, are already getting along as it has been claimed that Catherine is helping Meghan learn about “royal fashion” ahead of her life as a member of the royal family.
A source said: “[Duchess Catherine] has also been advising Meghan about royal fashion, what protocol is expected and how she may have to adapt in the future. She has provided Meghan with names of some of the favourite UK go-to designers on everything from dresses, coats and the all-important British hat.”
Meghan is also reportedly set to follow in the footsteps of Catherine - who has four-year-old son Prince George and two-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte, as well as expecting her third child with husband Prince William - when it comes to echoing the fashion sense of Harry and William’s late mother Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in 1997.
"Like Kate, expect Meghan to make the occasional nod to her husband’s fashion icon mother," the source explained. "Both Kate and Meghan will no doubt honour Princess Diana with designs that reflect her likes and style.”