Meghan Markle's relatives have been BANNED from taking part in Strictly Come Dancing

27 July 2018, 11:29 | Updated: 16 August 2018, 12:03

meghan markle

A TV insider claims the controversial Markle clan have been blacklisted from appearing on this winter's biggest shows.

The BBC has banned Meghan Markle’s relatives from appearing on Strictly Come Dancing - and they’re a no no for ITV’s reality shows, too. 

It's been reported that show bosses are wary of cashing in on the Markle clan’s infamy. 

The Mirror claim that as well as Meghan’s outspoken half-sister Samantha, her dad Thomas, half-brother Thomas Jr and cannabis-growing cousin Tyler Dooley had all been bandied around in pre-production meetings for some of the UK’s favourite programmes. 

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A source told the paper: “Meghan’s family have pretty much been vetoed from appearing on the biggest reality shows.

"The Markles have not been shy about talking about their famous family member.

“Obviously for TV networks, the draw is they will say things which create headlines and bring in viewers.

"However, now any chances of that happening on I’m a Celebrity or Strictly is over. 

“The BBC do not want to host someone on Strictly who would be so anti the Royal Family. And ITV’s top brass feel they would not give a voice to these people.” 

But while we won’t get to see a Markle chowing down on a witchety grub, or waltzing on a Saturday night, Samantha Markle has confirmed she will be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.