Meghan Markle beaten by Kate Middleton in YouGov royal family popularity poll

15 August 2019, 13:56

The most popular royal has been revealed
The most popular royal has been revealed. Picture: PA Images

The Queen has come out on top after 9,000 interviews were conducted asking who the nation's favourite royal is.

New research has shown who the nation’s favourite royals are - and it’s bad news for Meghan Markle.

In a study - carried out by YouGov - Kate Middleton and Prince William have beat Meghan in the popularity stakes, with Prince Phillip also trumping the former actress.

But obviously, Queen Elizabeth has overtaken the whole of her family and has come out on top.

According to 9,000 interviews which were conducted between June 2018 and June 2019, Her Maj reached an impressive 72% positive opinion in the poll.

Meghan Markle was beaten by Kate Middleton in a royal poll
Meghan Markle was beaten by Kate Middleton in a royal poll. Picture: PA Images

Prince Harry was closely behind her with 71%, which is actually a drop since last year where he received 77% and was number one.

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But it looks as though Harry is still a royal favourite as only 9% of Brits had a negative opinion of the Duke of Sussex, while 17% have "neutral" feelings.

The new dad’s brother Prince William received 69% positivity, while Kate followed with 64% which is exactly the same as she got 12 months ago.

Former Suits actress, Meghan came in sixth place with 49%, despite getting 55% in last year’s poll.

Future King Prince Charles had 48% while his wife Camilla - the Duchess of Cornwall - came in 11th with 29% positivity.

Bringing up the rear, Prince Andrew came in last place with just 21%, and his daughters Eugenie and Beatrice also scored low with 25% and 24%.

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In other news, The Queen proved why she’s the most popular royal as she showed off her sense of humour.

In a royal family book by Adam Helliker he describes the time the Queen hosted General de Gaulle, the former French president, and his wife.

He told the Sun : “A guest asked Madame de Gaulle what she was most looking forward to in her retirement, which was imminent.

“With great elaboration (as she didn't speak much English) she replied: ‘A penis.’"

He continued: “An awkward silence ensued for some time, until the Queen herself came to the rescue, and she said with a broad grin: ‘Ah, happiness.’”