A musical about Princess Diana’s life is set to open on Broadway next year

15 August 2019, 16:09 | Updated: 15 August 2019, 16:12

There's a Princess Diana musical coming to Broadway
There's a Princess Diana musical coming to Broadway. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images

The Princess Diana musical is about a woman who "rocked the Royals" and "chose to be fearless".

Royal fans listen up because a stage musical about Princess Diana's life is set to hit Broadway very soon.

Simply named ‘Diana’, the show is described as the story of the woman who "rocked the Royals".

It starts in 1981 when the much-loved royal wed Prince Charles (played by Roe Hartrampf), and then follows her during her 15-year marriage, before ending with her death in 1997 at the age of 36.

“Thrust into a spotlight brighter than any the world had ever known, Diana soon finds herself at odds with her husband, an unrelenting news media, and the monarchy itself,” a synopsis of the show reads.

“Leading fiercely with her heart, Princess Diana stands up for her family, her country and herself, while managing to capture the hearts of the world.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles married in 1981
Princess Diana and Prince Charles married in 1981. Picture: PA Images

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“She defied expectations, she rocked the royals and she created a legacy that will endure forever.”

Actress Jeanna de Waal will be starring as "The People's Princess" having had previous roles in Broadway shows such as American Idiot and Kinky Boots.

Speaking about Diana, Jeanna said: "She made everyone feel special, from the highest person to the lowest ranking person, and I think we want to celebrate her."

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Jeanna de Waal is starring as Diana
Jeanna de Waal is starring as Diana. Picture: Getty Images

In an interview with Broadway World, Jeanna went on to add: "The piece is so fantastically written that the arc of her [Princess Diana] finding power in her own voice and her own calling is really in the writing; in the lyrics, and the music, and the dialogue.

Directed by Christopher Ashley, the show has actually already debuted in California’s La Jolla Playhouse during their 2018 – 2019 season, but is scheduled to open at New York’s Longacre Theatre next March.

As for the music, Tony Award-winning writers Joe DiPietro and David Bryan are behind the track-list which reportedly includes ‘Snap, Click’, ‘Welcome To The Windsors’, ‘Here Comes James Hewitt’ and ‘Secrets and Lies’.

Unfortunately, the San Diego production has received mixed reviews so far with LA Times' critic Charles McNulty describing it "as American as Applebee's" (a US restaurant chain), before adding: "It has a generic quality that for all its efficient smoothness seems culturally misplaced".

The Hollywood Reporter were more generous, saying it "seems to have many of the pieces needed for a hit".

It hasn’t been confirmed whether the stage production will be coming across the pond to the UK.