Queen ‘buys £62,000 golf buggy to help her get around Windsor Castle’

28 March 2022, 11:42 | Updated: 28 March 2022, 16:50

The Queen has reportedly bought a golf buggy
The Queen has reportedly bought a golf buggy. Picture: Getty Images/Garia
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By Heart reporter

The Queen is reportedly moving around Windsor Castle in a luxury golf buggy due to stiffness in her legs.

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The Queen has started using a £62,000 golf buggy to get around after struggling with mobility problems, according to reports.

Made by Garia in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, the four-seater comes with plenty of gadgets and gizmos to make sure Her Majesty is as comfortable as possible.

As well as brown leather seats, it also has a fridge Bluetooth speakers, a heated windscreen and 14in alloy wheels.

The Queen has bought a new mobility scooter
The Queen has bought a new mobility scooter. Picture: Garia.com

The vehicle also boasts a 10.1inch tablet-style screen next to the steering wheel, offering maps and weather updates, as well as 'weather enclosure' doors.

It reaches speeds of up to 43mph and is described as ‘putting many passenger cars to shame’.

According to The Sun, the Queen, 95, bought it two weeks ago and aides have already driven her around the Windsor Castle grounds.

A source told the publication: “She’s battled stiffness in her legs recently so the cart is perfect.”

They added: “The cart is a new addition to the castle, and they all think it’s a great idea. It’s certainly fit for a Queen and hopefully it will help her fulfill her engagements.

The Queen has been using a stick for six months
The Queen has been using a stick for six months. Picture: Getty Images

“Everyone wants her to carry on for as long as possible being seen by the public.

“I’m sure the Queen would rather walk to events and carry on as normal, but she is struggling at the moment.”

The Queen has been seen using a walking stick over the past few months and has also had a lift installed at Balmoral.

Speaking to GB news last week, royal biographer Robert Hardman, 57, said Her Majesty is in 'very good spirits'.

“Mobility is something of an issue now,” he said, adding: 'I'm told by those very close to her that she's in very good spirits, you know - absolutely pin sharp as ever.

“But, but there is a mobility [issue] inevitably when you're coming up to your 96th birthday and also dignity, I think it's terribly important.

“She is the Queen, she wants to be seen as the Queen, she wants to look the part.”