The Queen's Weirdest Gifts

Take a look at some of the most bizarre gifts sent to Buckingham Palace.

When you're giving a gift to the woman who has everything, you have to think outside the box.

Maybe that's why Queen Elizabeth II has received such strange presents!

Here are just a few of the gifts sent to the Queen.

  • A chocolate Windsor Castle from Mars Chocolate.
  • An Oyster card from the TFL commissioner to celebrate 150 years of the tube.
  • 'The Return', the King of Malaysia's autobiography.
  • Four enamelled scarab beetles from the commissioner of Bangladesh.
  • A 13 lb artillery cartridge from The King's Troop of the Royal Horse Artillery.
  • A ceramic figure of Prince Charles alongside Postman Pat, from Jordan.
  • A British Film Industry honorary BAFTA for Her Majesty's support of the British film and TV industry.
  • 'The Dairy Queen: A History Of The Jersey Breed Worldwide' by Derrick Frigot and Hans Norgaard.
Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine, was quoted by The Metro as saying: "They certainly do get a lot of tat. 
"It's an incredibly random list but royal gift-giving is something that is steeped in history and it would simply be bad manners to refuse any of them."