The Royal family is banned from using these words

Claire Foy The Crown

If you want to be a Royal you better not even think about using these words and phrases.

Being a member of the Royal family looks great, doesn't it? Beautiful clothes, beautiful palaces and trips all over the world - but there are some odd rules that the Royals have to follow in order to stay, well, Royal.

One bizarre set of rules includes the words that our princes and princesses must use including a list of banned words. Social anthropologist Kate Fox outlines the words that are deemed improper for Royals to use in her new book 'Watching the English'.

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So if you want to bag yourself a ticket to the Royal wedding, you might want to revise first...


Let's start with a classy one.

Royals will never be heard using the word 'toilet' and instead will refer to it as the 'loo' or 'lavatory'.


We're not talking about the hot drink here, we're talking about your evening meal. Due to the working class associations of the word 'tea' when referring to our dinner the royals will never use this and instead say 'supper'.


Now pardon seems very polite, but not polite enough for the Queen. If she misheard something, rather than saying 'pardon' you would hear one say 'sorry' or 'sorry, what?' instead.



Now this is ironic, considering they are probably the poshest of all us Brits, but they would never refer to themselves or others as such. Instead they use the word 'stylish' or 'smart'


Members of the Royal family don't wear perfume, instead they wear 'scent'. Strange - so Prince William doesn't wear Lynx then?

Follow those simple but bonkers rules and you could be Royalty in no time!