Why Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are forbidden from wearing tiaras

24 August 2018, 16:21 | Updated: 22 October 2018, 16:53

Princesses in hats

Beatrice and Eugenie have made headlines with their unique taste in headwear - but they're yet to don a glitzy tiara.

Every fairytale princess has an array of glamorous tiaras, and both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have sported the fashionable accessory.

But why don't Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie wear tiaras? The answer is all to do with marriage.

While the sisters are currently eighth and ninth in line to the throne, Royal tradition dictates that you must be wed or at least previously married to wear a tiara.

Princess Eugenie will marry beau Jack Brooksbank in October - so she will finally get to don a bejewelled headpiece.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie made headlines with their Royal Wedding hats (Credit - GETTY)

Jewellery expert Geoffrey Munn recently told Town and Country about the royal fashion rule.

He explained: "Any woman may wear one, but ancient tradition has it that they must be a bride or already married.

"The tiara has its roots in classical antiquity and was seen as an emblem of the loss of innocence to the crowning of love."

Tiaras are part of formal dress, which is one of the mainstays of European royalty, so it's unlikely that the tradition will change anytime soon.

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Kate Middleton donned a tiara for her 2011 wedding to Prince William (Credit - GETTY)

Fortunately Eugenie won't have long to wait until she can embrace her Princess heritage and don a jewelled tiara.

Many royal fanatics believe that she will get married in the tiara that her mother donned for her 1986 wedding to Prince Andrew.

The York Diamond Tiara was commissioned especially for Sarah Ferguson as a present from the Queen.

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Royal fans think Eugenie will wear her mother's tiara for her wedding to Jack Brooksbank (Credit - GETTY)